Thursday, September 17, 2015


The WTFTV news team caught up with the now infamous Hungarian camerawoman who tripped and kicked refugees, including a young girl, and queried her about her antisocial actions which were all caught on camera.

"The influx of these infidels is totally against my religious beliefs. I couldn't just stand there and let the horde go by and trample upon my beliefs. My tradition gives me the right and in fact thrusts upon me and every brother and sister in the faith the responsibility of doing something, however trivial, to stem the tide," she declared.

The kicking and tripping she said was a "symbolic gesture" on her part that her god was not going to have any of what she described as "bullcrap."

"There will be grave consequences," she added, "for all countries that soil themselves by taking in the scum of the earth. The Dear Leader in the Sky will exact vengeance!"

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