Friday, September 18, 2015


If G is all-powerful and all-loving then why the heck do you want me to ask G to make the surgery go well without complications? Shouldn't I forgo with physicians altogether and just ask G to snap his fingers and make my mom as healthy and disease-free as a 20-yr old?

What? It doesn't work that way? How do you know that? Oh, riiiiiight! Lots have taken that path and patients afflicted with non self-limiting conditions never get better without medical intervention provided for by lowly, limited, imperfect humans. So why turn to G at all? If asking him to heal directly doesn't work while having doctors do their jobs has a far far higher batting average, how do you know that letting doctors treat patients without asking G to pitch in is any worse? Well?

Now, if you can tell me to my face without batting an eye that you actually know that MD + G works better than MD alone, you better have some rock solid, testable, replicable, fasifiable evidence to back up that fantastic claim of yours. Else, just fess up that this G thing is merely misplaced hope and superstition.

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