Friday, December 11, 2015


From the antiscience homily by the pathetic pope:
[W]e find ourselves confronted by another spirit, which is opposed to the spirit of God: the spirit of curiosity. It leads us to want to become masters of God’s plans, of the future, of things, to know everything, to seize hold of everything.... The spirit of curiosity draws us away from the spirit of wisdom.... [T]he spirit of curiosity is not a good spirit; it is the spirit of dissipation, of drawing away from God, of talking too much.
That spirit of curiosity led to all the technologies the Vatican and the poop have been all too eager to use for their purposes: all manner of transportation to visit places around the world, communications technologies, the internet, and agricultural products and medical treatments that have kept them alive and healthy.

What an idiotic, hypocritical statement to make. If curiosity is a no good spirit and one that's anti-God, then have the friggin' integrity to shun everything that's come out of it.

"You talk and talk, but have no guramba" --Nausicaan (Star Trek TNG, Tapestry)

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